El Pilar de la Mola - Formentera

El Pilar de la Mola

This is the last village on the island, located at the highest part of Formentera. In fact, El Pilar de la Mola seems to be somehow set apart from the rest of the island, and residents here are named 'molers' (from La Mola) while residents from the rest of the island are 'formenterens' (from Formentera). Before the road that connects all the island was built, it was pretty uncomfortable and difficult to reach La Mola, and this fact has strengthened this isolation feeling you get when you reach it.

La Mola is a rural place, where you will see pretty wall fences, vineyards and peasant farmer houses. The village itself can be resumed in a main street, where restaurants, banks, the local church and, of course, the artcraft market square, are located. This road takes you to the lighthouse, worth to be visited to see the impressive views from the cliffs. Remember that from May to October every wednesday and sunday afternoons you have to visit the market, with its live music and a very wide range of objects, sure you will have fun and get your souvenir!

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