Playa Migjorn - Formentera

Playa Migjorn
'Formentera migjorn Els Arenals beach walkway of wood in Spain' - Formentera
'Formentera migjorn Els Arenals beach walkway of wood in Spain' holbox / Shutterstock

This is Formentera's longest beach (almost 8 kilometers), located at the south side of the island. It's a succession of beaches interrupted by short stretches of rocks. So the south coast (Migjorn) has different parts with different names, marked off by geography or after the construction of beach facilities.

Among all, Migjorn is formed from the beginning (at kilometre 6.5) by Ca Marí, Racó Fondo, Es Còdol Foradat, Els Arenals, till its end (at kilometre 13) where there are Maryland, Escupiná, Es Caló des Mort.

The beginning of Migjorn is more wild and seaweeded, while by the end you find a large sandy extension (know as Es Arenals). There are enough places for eating and drinking to allow for long hours of sea and sun without having to leave the beaches. It is advisable to bring sunshades along with you because there is little shade, although these can also be hired, as can deck chairs.

Behind the beaches there are dunes and a strip of low woodland and crops. In Migjorn it's very important to pay heed to the coast guard warnings, as sunken reefs parallel to the coast produce strong currents that can be pretty dangerous. So here with red flag NEVER, we say NEVER take a bath.

Migjorn dies in EsCupinar beach and Es Caló des Mort, lovely spots of compulsory visit.

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